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For the month of June, our Blog of The Month comes courtesy of Blogger Kemi Akinboyewa. Kemi is a 20-something Londoner who successfully manages to juggle working in Investment Banking by day, whilst blogging in her spare time. Her Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel blog has posts that every young woman can relate to. Whether your looking for style inspiration or tips on how to navigate your way through friendships, university and finding that work/life balance whilst pursuing your passion; her blog has something for everyone. 

The post that originally drew me to her blog was "Things We Need To Stop Doing: Gym Edition". Kemi often posts about her Health & Fitness journey and shares her helpful experiences as well as style choices for her gym sessions. This post is for those (still)in the pursuit of their "Summer Body Goals" who enjoy some tongue-in-cheek humour and is completely relatable. Trust me, we've all experienced at least one of these things in our gym-going lifetime.

Here's a short excerpt from that article: 


Gym decorum – it’s a thing guys

Yesterday I was in the gym and I was stacking a few weights onto the barbell. Of course, to do this I removed the barbell clips. In the space of a few seconds, somebody – with their entire chest – came up to where I was stood and took one of my clips. I had seen this person hovering around me for a while, clearly wishing I would get off of the rack so that he could use the space for his own barbell, and honestly, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Instead of going off on him, I said “okay…”, picked up my other clip and one last clip that I had seen earlier had been lying around and I held them. I made sure to do it in a rush so he knew I was taking them to ensure he couldn’t use them. Now he only had one clip – useless eh? Eventually, he tottered away and bit embarrassed whilst he went on a search for more clips.


To read more and other posts like this, including Beauty and Travel Tips, check her blog out at I'd also highly recommend you following her on social media as well:

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