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Beauty Baking Bella

This month we're sharing one of our favourite Blogs with you, Beauty Baking Bella. Founded by former Skincare Consultant, Makeup Artist, Wife and Mom of 2. Pinar writes from her experiences, with a range of articles from Beauty & Makeup tips and reviews to Healthy Food Recipes and Lifestyle Hacks. At 29, Pinar is able to connect to a wide range of audiences with her engaging writing style and choice of topics. 

I recently checked out her post "4 go-to Makeup Primers & Essentials for Oily or Combination Skin", as I'm always looking for an excuse to try out new products. It's a great read and really helpful if you're looking for product recommendations and application tips.

Here's a short excerpt from that article:


This post will benefit anyone who has an oily or combination skin. If I don’t use specific primers/makeup products my makeup won’t last 5 minutes and will start to slide off or even worse, crease and makes my skin appear older than I am.

Unfortunately, a combination of too many ‘mattifying’ makeup products can on the flip side create the same problems of creasing and more likely, a dull and dry complexion for someone with oily skin – nobody wants that! This doesn’t mean you need a whole drawer full of products either but just be mindful of how much product you are applying and have a play with what works for your skin. If you are a beauty junkie you will know makeup is a game of trial and error and we have all invested in makeup trends/popular products and its just not worked for us like it does others – the struggle is real!

To read more and other posts like this, including Mindfulness and Parenting Tips, check her blog out at I'd also highly recommend you following her on social media as well:

Instagram   @pinarrawlinsx
Twitter    @PinarRawlins
Facebook   @BeautyBakingBella
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